Matthias Fleig – Guest Relations Manager

In portrait

Champagne in the room and red roses, individually customised birthday cakes, marzipan figures as a welcome greeting. Whenever a guest has a special wish for his stay at the Europa-Park Resort: Matthias Fleig is on hand to make it happen. And he brings some great ideas to the table. As Guest Relations Manager, special requests are his forte. "My team and I have already organised a few marriage proposals – from the candle-lit dinner to the proposal itself." This is just part of his versatile job. “One guest once wanted his room decorated with 100 roses.”

The 33-year-old hotel specialist knows the hotels in the resort like the back of his hand, he knows the park very well too. He started out as a waiter in the various restaurants over twelve years ago, gained experience as a receptionist in the "Colosseo" before joining the guest relations department, which he has been responsible for since 2013. Which guests are expected today, are there any birthdays or the booking of a bus tour through the Black Forest, what information does the kitchen need? His workplace: everywhere. If he’s not doing the rounds of the hotel to check everything is in order, he’s coordinating reservations from VIP guests, collecting information, talking to guests and answering questions. "We just ordered a helicopter to go to Zurich airport to pick up a guest. No two days are the same here." He’s rushing off again already to greet newly arrived guests. "You have to like people and empathise with the guests. In many cases, I am ultimately the one who can help them. That’s really enjoyable for me.”