Wine Tours, Cocktail courses in the "Colosseo", kitchen party

Wine Tours

Which wine is best suited to the temperament of Italy or the multicultural American continent? Accompany chef sommelier Vincenzo De Biase on his wine journey with exquisite, characterful wines and a gourmet 4-course menu.

To book call 07822 860-5678.

Cocktail courses in the "Colosseo"

The “Chocolate Bourbon” has a velvety, intense flavour, while rum and coconut cream give the “Piña Colada“ its tropical, exotic taste. Cocktail courses in the "Colosseo” show you how to make cocktails like a pro. With a 3-course menu to finish.

To book call 07822 860-5678

kitchen party!

Andalusian seafood paella, pinchos from the Basque country, US beef or "piatti italiani" are served in the kitchens of the "Bell Rock", "El Andaluz" and the "Colosseo" – with DJ and dance.

To book tickets call 07822 860-5678. “Party & Dream” with overnight stay: 07822 860-0

Believe in your dreams

Attention young talents! At the Talent Academy in Europa-Park, children are able to practice their artistic skills in music, art, dance, fitness and circus arts. In addition there are also programmes for the parents.

Book or find out more information on 07822 860-5888 or www.ep-talent-academy.de