James Rizzi enthuses audiences with his world

Large winter exhibition with 400 exhibits by the famous pop art artist

His art simply puts you in a good mood. The colourful, joyful pictures by the American pop-art artist James Rizzi are often topsy-turvy: the macrocosm of his home town New York can be found in the microcosm of his pictures. Rizzi (born in 1950 in New York and died there in 2011) loved roller coasters and painted many pictures of theme parks such as Coney Island. He painted everything he could get his hands on: Furniture, shoes, a Boeing aircraft, the boxing robe of Henry Maske and even postage stamps bear his hallmark.

There are approximately 400 works by James Rizzi to be discovered during the winter opening of Europa-Park in the Mercedes Benz Hall. Moreover, the interactive exhibition includes, among other things, a walk-in taxi, a reconstruction of the artist’s atelier, and an enormous house façade as well as an original section of the Berlin wall! Entry is included in the park admission.