A gourmet firework of the highest calibre

Dinner show menu for the first time by two-star chef Peter Hagen

A gourmet firework of the highest calibre

Europa-Park’s two-star chef Peter Hagen is treating this year’s Dinner Show guests to a perfectly coordinated, outstanding gourmet firework. Hagen has created a delicious four-course gala menu which shall accompany the spectacular stage performance. Within a very short space of time, head chef Peter Hagen earned two Michelin stars with his team at the fine dining restaurant ‘Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant’ located in the ‘Bell Rock’ lighthouse; this is an absolute first for a theme park!

For this year's Dinner Show, taking place under the theme ‘Jazz and Swing’, Peter Hagen has created a very special menu (which also includes a vegetarian option): salmon marinated in star anise, creamed spinach, truffle ham, beef blade steak and fillet of beef, as well as a dessert inspired by Black Forest gateau. The head chef oversees the preparation like a hawk and is on site for the Dinner Show. Hagen was born in the town of Bregenz where he also trained; thereafter he worked at the restaurant Traube Tonbach in the town of Baiersbronn, and in the restaurant Cheval Blanc at the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel. He is now at the ‘Ammolite’ as head chef, and it is here that he celebrates the culture of indulgence at the highest level. His tip: “When cooking the dishes, keep them as natural as possible and

don't overburden them with too many sides or components. We work more with herbs and berries. The great thing about our profession is that there is always something new to discover or to combine.”

The Dinner Show enchants its visitors every year in the winter season at the legendary Teatro dell’Arte. In addition to delicious dishes, there is a variety of acrobatics, comedy, dance and ballet. International artists appear weightless as they bedazzle with strength, energy and power. Of course, the enchanting magic show is a must, just as much as the charming presentation. A firework for all the senses and a great present for any occasion (until 31.01.2016). Also available for booking as a ‘Dinner & Dream’ arrangement with overnight stay.