“Rolf Knie – Circus”

Stripy and colourful: Art exhibition at the Mercedes-Benz Hall

His zebras have blue, yellow and pink stripes, and the elephants are anything but grey. Rolf Knie does bold and lively paintings on circus tent panels, cardboard, projector screens and posters. The large art exhibition taking place during the winter opening of Europa-Park is dedicated to the painter from one of the famous circus dynasties, who worked as a clown himself for many years. He finds his inspiration in the colourful world of the circus: wild animals, agile performers, and daring feats. The 65-year-old really enjoys trying things out.

His blue eyes glint mischievously; he is inquisitive and witty; an artist, sculptor, and free spirit. “Kokoschka, Miró and Chagall came visit us in the circus; they all painted circus motifs. I was friends with Charlie Chaplin. All of these artists have shaped me.” Works by Rolf Knie are on display permanently in the hotels, for example the “El Circo” bar at the “El Andaluz” hotel.