Real wood-fired pizza

Now also in the conservatory at the “Colosseo”

Whether it be a simple margherita or something more fancy with seafood, our delicious stone-baked pizzas are this season’s hit. “Many of our guests were expressing a desire for Italian pizzas at our “Colosseo” hotel,” says catering manager Frank Müller – and the catering experts responded!

Back in summer, we began serving pizzas from an original stone oven on the piazza of the “Colosseo” hotel. Now, a glass conservatory has been built around the oven, so that the woody smell of real pizza can be enjoyed all year round. Two Italian pizza bakers work at the rustic oven, making fresh home-made dough and covering the crispy pizzas with fresh ingredients.

Mmmm… just thinking about it makes your mouth water. Buon appetito!