Portrait: Frank Müller

A passion for top-notch hotel catering

“Finding good employees is currently one of my biggest challenges,” explains Frank Müller. He needs 550 good people for the catering throughout all of the hotels. Together with his colleague Mathias Bansen and culinary director Thomas Röttele, Frank Müller manages the hotels’ catering. If he isn’t holding interviews, he’s developing new concepts. “We go to a lot of trade fairs and evaluate guest surveys in order to improve constantly,” explains Müller, whose working day begins around 9am and often doesn’t end until 10pm.

Born in Schleswig-Holstein, he loves the maritime atmosphere in and around the “Bell Rock” hotel. He started at Europa-Park 16 years ago. As a trained chef, he took on a position as food & beverage assistant at the “El Andaluz” hotel, and saw that Europa-Park offers many opportunities for development. “I had the chance to do something new every few years,” explains Müller. He looked after the castle’s catering, then the growing event catering sector, from the banquet to the Oktoberfest. “We were booked up from the beginning, and had to become very good very quickly.

Almost all hotel guests eat with us, and an increasing number of non-hotel guests are coming to eat in our restaurants,” says Müller, delighted. His favourite is a good steak at the “Harborside” restaurant at the “Bell Rock” hotel.