Over 20 creative courses at the “Europa-Park

Self-confidence, bodily awareness and a whole lot fun

“She was shy and wouldn’t talk to anyone; since she began ice-skating here, she is completely different,” says Sarah Raute, who is delighted with her daughter’s progress since beginning a course at Europa-Park’s new “Talent Academy”. Often the children’s are not aware of the talents they have. At the “Talent Academy”, they get the chance to try lots of things out, such as singing, dancing, painting or playing music. Creativity, bodily awareness and team spirit are encouraged through play.

Over 20 creative and exciting courses are on offer, including zumba, hip-hop, cartoon drawing, street hop, artistry, ice-skating and circus workshops. Professional artists and trainers help children and young people discover and develop their talents. Fun is the focus, as we do best at things we enjoy. All of the participants were delighted with the a capella workshop with the band “The Exchange”; one even wanted to go into vocal training straight away. The 25-strong team takes good care of the participants; rehearsals are held in the modern studios of the Hotel Resort or at Europa-Park’s ice rink.

“It’s great to see how happy the children are after the courses, and watch them proudly present their results to their parents,” says Katja Mack from the “Talent Academy”. “Some of our participants have even performed, for example in the Europa-Park parade, allowing them to display their new skills to an audience. Others helped spread a smile among passers-by with a flashmob in a shopping centre.”


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