The Colosseum arches

"Imperio" summer show offers spectacular acrobatics, dancing and singing

When night falls in Europa-Park, the acrobats, dancers and singers come out to play. On the piazza “Roma” of the “Colosseo” with its mystical lighting, visitors are amazed by the spectacular “Imperio” summer evening show. From 31 July to 11 September, international performers stage breathtaking acrobatics in front of the imposing Colosseum archways: from the human pyramid to the wheel of death, interspersed with ballet and singing – everything comes together here to make a first-class evening. Talented acrobats open up a new world with their courage and charm.

The destruction of Pompeii

Last year, the artists set off in the footsteps of Marco Polo, this year’s “Imperio Show” takes the destruction of the once flourishing town of Pompeii on the Bay of Naples as its theme. The focus is on the events surrounding the volcanic eruption of volcano Vesuvius. The blonde singer Anna Kuzmina accompanies the show with some captivating vocal performances. Aerial acrobatics are performed by Yves and Ambra Nicols under the title “Golden Dreams”. A Georgian dance troupe offers a mixture of typical national and modern numbers. “The Guerlings”, a double wheel of death, provides a highlight at the end of the show. The performers run round the two circular cages of the wheel of death – sometimes on the outside, sometimes on the inside, all at breakneck speeds. 

Warning: high tension, please don’t forget to breathe. Pyrotechnics and lighting effects heighten the spectacle. Not only the overnight guests in the Europa-Park Hotel Resort are invited to the “Imperio” summer show, so are all the other lovers of shows and evening visitors. Entry is free.

“Imperio” summer show on the piazza of the 4-star superior “Colosseo” themed hotel in Europa-Park. Every evening at 9.30 p.m. from 31.7. to 11.9.2016.