A sundowner in the "Magellan Lounge"

Favourite spot

The lamps sway a little, as if there were a steady swell, the sea roars and you sit comfortably in a leather armchair, read the old sea charts and look out at the ship’s wheel and deck: the “Magellan Lounge” is a special place that tempts you to dream. You feel like the famous Portuguese seafarer Magellan: on board in the elegant captain’s cabin on the imposing sailing ship “Santa Marian”, the raised ship’s hull next to the “Atlantica SuperSplash” water ride in the Portuguese area. In the afternoons, there are delicious “pasteis de nata”, delicate little cream cakes, and coffee specialities, while at happy hour (5 p.m. – 7 p.m.) drinks and punches are served at discounted prices. With welcoming lounge music playing in the background, cocktails like Mojitos and Caipirinhas and soft drinks are served.

A special tip: try a Sundowner on deck as the evening draws to a close. Love birds, world travellers and dreamers will all feel at home here. Opening hours: Thurs–Sun 1 p.m. until the park closes. Open every day during the school holidays. Also open on public holidays and special occasions. The “Magellan Lounge” in the Portuguese area can be accessed from the park or directly from the EP Express station Spain.