Coconut tiramisu

From the book: "Europa-Park recipes - the most popular recipes from our hotels"

160g egg yolks
200g sugar
300g mascarpone
300g coconut purée (Boiron)
5 gelatine leaves
Batida de Coco
Approx. 16 sponge fingers
Grated coconut

Dissolve the gelatine in a little Batida de Coco. Add everything to the mascarpone and coconut mixture and stir well. Layer the finished mixture alternately with the sponge fingers soaked in Batida de Coco in a casserole dish, baking tin or preserving jars, for example. Refrigerate the tiramisu for about 2 hours. Before serving the tiramisu, sprinkle with toasted grated coconut and decorate with mint.

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