“Bell Rock” Hotel in first place

All Themed hotels win travellers´ choice award

96 percent of visitors recommend the themed hotels in Europa-Park to others. This is confirmed by online portals such as TripAdvisor, Holidaycheck, booking and others. TripAdvisor, the most important travel website worldwide with just under 350 million visitors a month, presented the Travellers’ Choice Awards for family hotels in spring: Europa-Park made it into the top five places with three of its hotels. “Bell Rock” is in first place, followed by “Colosseo” in second and “El Andaluz” in fourth.

Millions of reviews were evaluated for this ranking. “Castillo Alcazar” came in in sixth place and “Santa Isabel” finished in twelfth. “We are delighted that all of our hotels were recognised by the Travellers’ Choice Award. That is great recognition from international travellers”, said Europa-Park head Roland Mack. And the conclusion of the enthusiastic hotel guests? “Top, top, top!”

All of the rankings can be seen at: www.bit.ly/bell_rock_platz_1