“Ireland – Children’s World”

New irish-themed area

Ireland, Europe’s emerald isle, can now be explored in Germany’s largest theme park: “Ireland – Children’s World” offers countless adventures, a large indoor games world and some delicious gastronomic delights. In the new themed area, everything is environmentally-friendly, green and family-orientated.

Sheep in the meadows, Irish folk music and many other affectionate details offer visitors a typical Irish atmosphere. Whether it’s on the “Dancing Dingie” children’s swing boat, the “Ba-a-a-Express” children’s roller coaster or on the “Old MacDonald’s Tractor Fun Ride” – there’s plenty for the younger visitors to explore. Adventure also awaits in “Limerick Castle”. The large covered games world is a fairy-tale oasis for the whole family at any time of year. If you are hungry, you can enjoy some of Ireland’s national dishes in “The O’Mackay’s Cafe and Pub”. A new show and the “Shamrock Gifts and Treats” shop also whisk visitors away into the world of the Irish with their flag in white, green and orange, and the shamrock as their national plant.