Michaela Doll-Lämmer


When the superwoman joined Germany’s biggest theme park 19 years ago, she took over accommodation management at the “El Andaluz”, Europe-Park’s very first hotel. Over the years with us, Michaela Doll-Lämmer has been involved in opening four more themed hotels. “I find each one of them unique and fascinating and I enjoy having such a beautiful workplace. My office is located in the “Colosseo”. When I look out the window, I see lavender, pines, roses and olive trees,” says the hotel accommodation director. Born in Oberkirch, Baden, in 1966, she completed her training as restaurant manager at Hotel Bareiss in Baiersbronn, as hotel management assistant in Brenner’s Park Hotel in Baden-Baden, received scholarships, gained professional experience in France and Hong Kong, took hotel management courses in the United States and worked as a deputy director in the Golf Hotel Treudelberg in Hamburg, before coming to Europa-Park in 1996. “I enjoy my role as hostess and look forward every day to working with my team, because I am an absolute team player,” she says. "We have a total of 4,500 beds and an occupancy rate of over 90 percent in the summer season. This means the pressure is on for all departments. It’s a real balancing act: while the guests should be completely satisfied, costs must also be kept within reason,” says Doll-Lämmer. Every morning she checks the sales figures, takes a look to see which guests are in the house, which events are pending, and makes a tour through the hotels. Many celebrities have stayed overnight here, including actors, famous musicians and politicians - from Angela Merkel to Bill Clinton. “This is exciting and thrilling. I would, for example, have never thought that I would ever organise warm underwear for James Bond legend Roger Moore who was here for the opening of the Bell Rock,” laughs the winsome manager. The next major project is right around the corner: The planned water park is also getting its own hotel.