First US car & Harley meeting at Europa-Park

Legendary cult cars and Harleys as a magnet for visitors

They are more than simply cars or motorcycles: Harleys, Chevrolets and Cadillacs symbolise a certain way of life and have long since achieved cult status. These vehicles are celebrated, even worshiped, and have lent fame to more than one movie over the years. The first Harley was built in 1903 and went barely 50 kilometres per hour; the shiny machines have lost none of their aura to this very day. More than 1,500 curious visitors came to the first “US Car & Harley Meeting” on the exhibition grounds at Silver Lake Saloon in Germany’s biggest theme park.
Whether it’s the legendary Route 66 or endless dusty roads with their typical tracks: on a Harley or in one of the American cult cars with their gleaming chrome, you always attract attention. Guests could admire about 400 Harleys, all in tip-top shape, and 500 shiny road cruisers while chatting with the owners and enjoying a delicious American barbecue and fitting music for two whole days at Europa-Park’s Camp Resort. Amidst all the hot rods there was a Ford “Model A” with 40 hp and pure wood gas drive. The open two-seater consumes 35 kg of wood per 100 kilometres. Rather than push-button ignition, here the “fuel” is carried along in sacks in the back and the whole starting up process, from lighting the fire to readiness to drive, takes about three minutes. In addition to this rarity, many other, spectacular vehicles, all built before 1985, were on show. Who knows what kind of cool cars next year holds in store...