Hopping pass

Five in one fell swoop

A sensational trip can be experienced with the Hopping pass: Pass holders spend one night in each of the five fantastic themed hotels and also receive an annual season ticket for Europa-Park. Their luggage is transported from hotel to hotel, so Hopping pass holders simply open the door and find everything in its place.

The first night takes you to the Spanish “El Andaluz” with its innumerable archways and palm gardens. On the second night, the “Castillo Alcazar” lures you into a medieval knight’s castle with modern comfort. Built in the style of a Portuguese monastery, “Santa Isabel” invites you to stay the third night. On the fourth night, the “Colosseo” will enchant you with its Italian charm. The last night will see you following in the footsteps of the Pilgrim Fathers to America and the “Bell Rock”.