Gigantic birthday party

300 illuminated balloons with individual greeting messages

Germany's largest theme park celebrated a gigantic birthday party for two days and one night: 45,000 visitors were there to experience how more than 300 illuminated balloons with individual greeting messages peacefully floated up into the sky for a Europe without frontiers.
Installation artist Christoph Bauder, who initiated the border of light for the 25th anniversary celebrating the Fall of the Berlin Wall anniversary, also created a spectacular atmosphere in Europa-Park, with illuminated balloons lining the way one after the other on shafts from the Franz Mack statue to the Historama.

“Everyone smiles in the same language,” reads one of the messages of this emotional and deeply touching festive evening, in which happy visitors rode the roller coaster until midnight, marvelled at the fireworks and met numerous celebrities who expressed their congratulations. They included Henry Maske, Franziska van Almsick, clown legend Oleg Popov, and numerous others. The next morning the Junior Club was opened with a big party. No wonder all the beds in the five themed hotels were fully booked.