Game of Chefs

Lucas Kaminski Sampaio, saucier in the Ammolite restaurant wins third place

He created a well-rounded and well-conceived dish, stated the jury in the popular TV cooking show “Game of Chefs”, referring to participant Lucas Kaminski Sampaio. The young chef from Portugal works as a saucier in “Ammolite -The Lighthouse Restaurant” at Europa-Park and had applied for the TV show with a typical dish from his home country, a codfish stew with diced potatoes, peppers, olives and coriander cress. With a lot of adrenaline and passion, he prepared the dish in exactly one hour. “It really gives you goose bumps wondering whether everything will work out,” admits the likeable young man. As a precaution, he brought along his own crockery, because the stew has to be served in an appropriate bowl. The strict jury then praised the naturalness and high quality of the dish on camera. The 23-year-old beat 25 other candidates and finished third in the final round. Europa-Park managing director Thomas Mack was delighted: “Lucas has once again demonstrated our high standards!”