Take a cooling plunge

All hotels feature great pool and bathing facilities

Is there anything more refreshing than plunging into cool water in the summer?

All of the Europa-Park hotels feature fantastic waterparks. From 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. guests of all ages can splash about to their heart’s content, like in the 300-m² maritime-themed outdoor area in the Bell Rock hotel, for instance, designed in the style of a boat with a view of the lighthouse (photo). The expansive lawns are perfect for catching some rays. Should it rain, there is also an indoor pool with massage jets.
Regardless in which of the four-star hotels guests choose to stay, they are welcome to use all of the pool facilities. In the Santa Isabel hotel, the pool (photo left) offers a peaceful oasis of rest and rejuvenation in a shady inner courtyard. At night, the flaming torches coupled with modern lighting create a particularly magical atmosphere.

Anyone who wants to can test the waters of the Roman baths in the Colosseo hotel and swim in the 25-metre outdoor pool, directly beneath the imposing arches of the colosseum. The quiet pool in the peaceful courtyard of the El Andaluz hotel offers a sanctuary of calm. Surrounded by archways and palm gardens, the pool glints azure blue with views out over the Castillo Alcazar themed hotel. Holidays, close enough to touch!