Authentic barbecues in Camp Resort

sweet and sour chicken for cowboys and indians of the modern age

The smell of barbecued meat hangs in the air.

The smell of barbecued meat hangs in the air. The night falls on the Camp Resort, the overnight guests all gather together around the campfire. Barbecue areas and firewood are available free of charge to all guests at the Camp Resort. A delicious barbecue package can also be pre-ordered (a minimum of two days before arrival) from the Western Saloon during the summer season. You can choose from sausages, rump steak, turkey or pork steaks or tasty salads. After pre-ordering, you just have to pick up your package and lay it on the hot barbecue. It goes without saying that guests can also bring their own rations of meat and all their favourite side dishes. There is a real feeling of cowboys and Indians in the air when parents eat together with their children, gnawing at spare ribs, rancher steaks and corn on the cob.